Keeping Families in their Homes via Foreclosure Prevention

Anna and Nicholas Fiocca own a home in South Philadelphia and had always been able to afford their mortgage payments. Anna’s job of 30 years plus Nicholas’ monthly social security covered most of the couple’s expenses. When Anna was laid off, the Fioccas financial situation changed abruptly and they were soon unable to pay their mortgage.

Anna was unable to find other work despite her daily efforts, and the small pension she received from her former employer was not enough to cover the couple’s monthly housing expenses.

When they came to Intercultural for assistance, the Fioccas met with housing counselor Mary Campbell, who guided them through the foreclosure prevention and loan modification process. Ms. Campbell helped them complete a “Making Homes Affordable” package, which they then submitted to the mortgage company for approval. The Fioccas were approved for a loan modification which reduced their monthly mortgage payments by $400+ per month and substantially lowered their interest rate.