IFSI provides Language Interpretation and Pronunciation Services or “LIPS” to interested community members and organizations on a fee for service basis. Over twenty different languages and dialects, including the three major Asian languages (Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese), are a part of the LIPS inventory. Most important, LIPS stresses cultural competence in all of its communication, marketing, and public relations services.

Program services include verbal and written translations, and assistance in working with linguistically diverse groups. Collaborating with IFSI’s Development Department, LIPS is also able to assist clients to produce tailored translated text material and corresponding photo-ready graphics for printing.

Don’t stay tongue-tied, let Intercultural LIPS help you bridge linguistic and cultural gaps.




Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Kính chào quí vi kín chàu kweé vee
 Tagalog from the Philippines
 Cambodian    Sor-sdey
O la



Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Tam biet Dom bee-et
 Tagalog from the Philippines Paalam Pa-a-lam
 Cambodian   Lia howey


Thank You:

Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Cám òn gom ern
 Tagalog from the Philippines Salamat po sa-la-mat-po
 Cambodian   som au guun
Chinese   Se-Se


Can You Please Help:

Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Um [masculine]/Baah [feminine] kau teh
 Tagalog from the Philippines Paki-tulungan mo ako Pakee-to-loon-gun
moe ah-ko
 Cambodian   Dah nya ahhch choi
k-nya-ohm ban thai
Por favor, puedes
Por fah-voor, pwed-es
Chinese Ni Neng Bang Zhu
Wuo Ma



My Name Is:

Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese  Tên tôi là ..  ten toy la
 Tagalog from the Philippines  Ang pangalan ko ay (Maria)  Ung pung-ah-lan ko eye (Maria)
 Cambodian    Kun-yom chu-mors
 Spanish  Me llamó (Maria)  May yah-moe (Maria)
Chinese    Wo de ming zi shi


Happy New Year!:

Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Jook Mung Numb Moi
 Tagalog from the Philippines Manigong Bagong Taon Mah-nee-gong Bah-gong Tah-on
 Cambodian   Soo-a s-dai ch-numb t-mai
Felíz Año Nuevo
fe-leez Ohn-yo New-eh-vo
Chinese   Shin Nian Quai La  



You Are Welcome:

Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Không có chi cone gau jee
 Tagalog from the Philippines Wala Pong Anuman Wah-la Pung Ah-no-mahn
 Cambodian   Men-aye-thay
De Nada
Day Na-dah
Chinese   boo you-ng sheh


I Am Hungry:

Language Translation Pronunciation Sound
 Vietnamese Tôi Ðói B?ng Thui Doy Büm
 Tagalog from the Philippines Ako Ay Nagugutom Ah-koo I Nah-goo-goo-toom
 Cambodian   Kin-yum Clee-un
Tengo Hambre
Tang-o Ahm-bray
Chinese   Wa Uh La