Youth and Family Education

Enhancing Parenting Skills

The Enhancing Parenting Skills Program is a 12 session program focusing on specific strategies to enhance child development and strengthen the parent child relationship. The program is designed for parents who are referred or want the support of other parents experiencing stress in dealing with their children.

The current program targets parents (the majority of which are women) challenged by issues of child abuse and neglect, reunification with children, mental health concerns, substance abuse, homelessness, and parents who have a desire to develop more positive parenting techniques.

Transportation, childcare, meals, access to emergency food and clothing, and other incentives are also provided to encourage participation in the program.

Successful completion of the 12 sessions is recognized through a graduation ceremony, celebratory dinner and certificate of completion.

Funding is providing for the Enhancing Parenting Skills program through the Parenting Collaborative of the City of Philadelphia's Department of Human Services.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start is a federally funded program which seeks to engage pregnant and/or parenting women (particularly women in their first trimester of pregnancy).  Providing an array of health and social services,  the program is an effective, community-based approach to fighting infant mortality and low birth-weight babies.  

The program is available to qualified participants who live in the following zip codes: 19139, 19142, 19143, 19145, 19146, 19147, 19148, 19153.

Healthy Start services include:
  • outreach programs
  • case management
  • family planning counseling
  • home visiting
  • depression screening
  • optimal child health and development information.
  • support groups
  • pregnancy testing
  • referrals to health care services
  • whatever it takes to keep you and your baby healthy

If you are having a baby or raising a newborn, you can give your baby a healthy start by getting medical care and social services now.
With Healthy Start, getting health care and social services is easier than ever before.  Help is FREE, supportive, and close by.

Funding is provided for the Healthy Start program by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health-Division of Maternal, Child and Family Health.

For more Information, please contact:
Healthy Start South
Address: 2317 S. 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Telephone: (215) 468-4673
Fax: (215) 468-4663

Healthy Start Southwest
Address: 4225 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Telephone: (215) 386-1298
Fax: (215) 386-9348


The WorkReady Summer Internship program provides eligible Philadelphia youth, ages 16-21, with six weeks of paid workplace experience at area businesses. Youth receive the opportunity to improve their job readiness skills and prepare for post-secondary education through worksite placements and weekly professional development classes.

These internships give young people a taste of the working world, exposure to career opportunities, and an understanding of how school is connected to economic success.

WorkReady is managed and supported by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN). All interested youth need to apply directly with PYN's WorkReady Philadelphia program for possible placement at Intercultural.